Two Kinds Of Trail Cameras

There are two kinds of trail cameras with the first having being incandescent flash cameras while the second one being the infrared flash cameras. So which one should be utilized?

Flash Trail Cameras: These kinds of deer cameras have an incandescent bulb like the usual digital cameras that you see every day. Once the trigger is pressed then the light bulb atop will light up and then records what it sees in front of it. The bulb then flashes while the shot is being taken so it can illuminate the area. What makes these flash cameras great is that you still get colored pictures regardless if it is taken during the night or during the day. The drawback though is that it expends too much battery

Infrared Trail Cameras: This is one of the latest models available in the market these days and it uses infrared sensors or heat sensors. What it does is that instead of creating a bright flash, it lights up the LED portion of the camera which brightens up an area just enough for a photo to be taken clearly. This can be very handy when you are trying to take a photo of wildlife that is easily frightened by flash effects that the prior camera exhibits.

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