Troubleshooting Common Electric Guitar Issues

Knowing what effects you would need to improve your performance with your electric guitar is not enough. It is important that you also have an idea on how to troubleshoot minor problems before bringing it to a professional. Not only can this save you a lot of time and effort but it will also save you money which can be hard to come by these days:

  • Crackling Sounds: There may be occasions wherein you find your electric guitar generating a crackling sound through your speaker whenever you plug it in or when the signal is not strong on certain positions of your guitar and the best way to solve this is to turn the knob back and forth. Make sure that you are applying strength when doing so. There is a possibility that there may just a small foreign matter lodged inside your gear and turning the knobs will help.
  • Loose Jacks: This happens a lot because guitar players always plug and unplug cables into their speakers and this cause eventually causes the output jacks to create crackling sounds. This means that there is a loose connection somewhere and you need to take off the jack plate or pick guard and use a tester to determine which has a loose wiring then use a soldering iron to connect the wires again.
  • Replacing Pick Ups: Replacing the pickups may look like a lot of work but it is actually not that troublesome. If you are interested in modifying the sound generated by your excellent fender highway 1 telecaster at musicians friend then you have to replace the original pick ups.

If all of these methods does not solve any or all the problems associated with the electric guitar then it would best to bring it to a repairman.

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