The Kinds Of Grippers Used For Manufacturing Automation

Grippers refer to the part of a manufacturing machine or robot which makes sure that a particular part is firmly set when it comes to production. There are a couple of grippers.

Hydraulic Grippers: This kind of grippers offer power around 2000 psi that is applied towards hydraulic pumps. They tend to be slow when it comes to their function because they need to wait until all fluids between the pump and the gripper are removed.

Pneumatic Gripper: These grippers tend to be utilized a lot in the industry not to mention the fact that they have a lot of functions. They also have different sizes and shapes and modes with some having two actuators while some pneumatic grippers have three. Though they are faster than hydraulic grippers, they have a low holding power of 120 psi.

Electric Grippers: The problem though with an electric gripper is that though they have impressive capabilities, they do not have the force that can be applied that a pneumatic gripper has. On the other hand, since they are managed by electric servo-motors, they can easily be managed and can grip more than one part faster than the others.

A gripper is a very important part of a manufacturing automation and knowing more about them will let you utilize them more effectively.

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