Things To Know About Violas

Similar to violins, Violas are bowed instruments but are a bit bigger than a standard violin and offers a deeper sound. Its full-body is around 1 inch and 4 inches longer compared to a violin’s full body. A person who plays the Viola is called a violist or a viola player as opposed to violinists. Because of its size, it requires a bit of technique than when you are playing a violin. Like the violin, it is also held the same way except for some adjustments due to its size.

It is placed on the top of the left-hand shoulder just between the shoulder and the left side of the face or chin. But perhaps the main difference between playing a violin and a viola is the wider space fingerings. This makes the violist have his or her elbow farther forward or around just so he or she can reach the lower string. At the same time, the viola is generally strung using heavier strings than a violin which creates deeper and mellow sounds as compared to the higher pitched sounds created by a violin.

If you are looking to play something different but still within the bowed-instruments family, then you can opt to learn to play violas.

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