Affordable Retro Weddings

Vintage Wedding DressRecently a colleague had a retro wedding and pulled it off spectacularly, being a chef the food was delicious and beautifully decorated and also specialising in events meant that the decoration was really special and last but not least the dress was adorable. Second hand vintage which took a year to find.

If you like me love vintage but don’t have the patience or the knack to shop for a  true vintage wedding dress Fever has a wide range of retro clothes that are new vintage but based on traditional retro fits and designs.

They also have a whole range dedicated to retro wedding dresses. Which is great if like most people you don’t have a year to sift through second hand / overpriced vintage stores for the un-stained perfectly fitted vintage wedding dress.

The Fever Opal Empire GownThe Fever Opal Empire Gown, which is gold silk, is a really elegant choice or other styles include the cuter Opal prom dress which is a dainty but still elegant option for a wedding dress. Both are around the £120 mark, which is a great price, and at no extra cost for Fevers hard work in finding the original Retro design!

Regarding food, in particular cakes, there are so many small independent cafes which will make their specialised cakes for special occasions, although this is not always obvious as most places neglect advertising. My advice would be it’s always worth asking if you find a cake which tickles your taste buds.

Decorations and invites are all things which will be fairly easy to put together if your creative and have some time on your hands but if not then I would say the location will always win over décor and is something to really consider. Finding the perfect location can be very pricey. However if you search around farmers will often rent out their land for wedding markets although this may not always be obvious.

Once I attended a dreamy wedding in Cornwall which had a view onto a harbor with the twinkling of ships lights and sparkle of moon light on the water to accompany the swaying of dancing guests, absolutely stunning!

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