Tips In Identifying Authentic Jewelry

Having authentic jewelry can be quite an experience for almost everyone. Imagine how you could be the envy of those who are around you and it is normal for people to desire being envied at some point in their lives. However, authentic jewelry can be very costly and because of this, there are people who are easily duped into purchasing more affordable prices of similar jewelries, not thinking if it could be a fake. However, you can avoid getting yourself in such a situation if you know how to identify authentic jewelries.

Radiant Diamond Solitaire Ring

Materials: Make sure that before you even purchase any jewelry which catches your attention, especially if it is a silver one, check if it is marked with sterling or 925. Now, if for example the jewelry is made out of gold, you will know if it is authentic if it is marked with 14k, 18k or simply filled with gold. Another thing is that if a jeweler is not sure how to answer your question with regard to the material such as if it is natural, stabilized or treated then it is a clear sign that they may not be authentic.

Craft: Another thing that you should know about these kinds of jewelries is how they are made. Remember that hand-crafted jewelries are more expensive since assembling the raw materials as well as designed is done by professional artisans. So if jewelry went only through die-cutting casing and other methods which involve machines then it would not cost much.

Certificate of Authenticity: When buying jewelry at your local shop, make sure that the receipt you get from the store has the original price of it and the discount noted along with it if there are any. It should also have the specifics of the materials made and the kind of stones used such as if it is natural or stabilized. There should also be a tribal affiliation of the local artisan who made the jewelry.

So before you even buy that TAG Heuer that you have been eyeing for a long time, make sure that it is authentic.

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