Ralph Lauren, Then and Now

Ralph Lauren’s history is known from Beijing to Harlem. Starting from a simple collection of ties, Ralph Lauren, the son of Russian family of US immigrants, gave birth to the American style and class profile as we know it today, convincing the whole world to adopt it.

The fact is we will hardly find a person who has at least a bit of sense of fashion reality, who doesn’t own at least one Polo Ralph Lauren product, and the wide range of Ralph Lauren’s creations reflect this statement.

Polo Ralph Lauren

He was born in 1939, in New York. His true name was Lipschitz, but his father, a simple house painter, but a man with vision and a deep understanding of the social reality they were living in, insisted to change the family name into Lauren, when Ralph was only 10 years old.

In 1967, young Ralph, visibly having the taste for fashion trends and the potential to become himself a creator, joined Beau Brummell Neckwear, where he began designing men ties, manually made, these becoming very high regarded and quite expensive. He tried selling his creations to Bloomingdales, but the famous store asked him to remove his name label from the products. Confident in his own talent and his future as a designer, Lauren refused to take his name off his own work. His decision was for the best, because after a few months, his creations became so popular within the upper, stylish class, that all shops were selling them like gold. Seeing the competition rising, Bloomingdales agreed to respect and conform to all Lauren’s new and challenging ideas, allowing him to keep his logo on his products. He soon became a brand, and since then, the whole world knows it under the name of Polo Ralph Lauren.

The company Polo Ralph Lauren is currently owned and ran exclusively by the famous designer and its present object of activity is the design and selling of luxury products: from men wear, to women and children too, but also interior design and accessories – shoes, sun glasses, jewelry, leather products and perfumes. The interior design products can be found in four different collections, each of them having a distinct motif: Lyford Cay – color, light and energy, an ideal frame for a summer house, Modern Hollywood – romance and refinement, defining the Hollywood glam in all its splendor, Desert Hills – natural colors, spicy tones, with Navajo culture tones and influences and the Bel Air – a black and white collection which reminds us the atmosphere and the sweetness of the forties.

And when it comes to fashion, the Brand’s motto is “we don’t sell clothes, but a dream and a vision”. In truth, the famous Polo Ralph Lauren, a trademark of fashion history in itself, was indeed a vision, while for all those charmed by the designer’s exquisite creations, is a wearable dream.

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