Wedding Invitations, Ready for Printing!

I”ll be going to home this weekend and I’ll bring my laptop with me since I have to print my bestfriend’s weddings invitation. Yeah sure, I can just simply save the file but the thing is, our home pc wasn’t working. Its motherboard gave up on us and the only option is to replace it. Unfortunately, it is an old model and the item is always out of stocks. In short, we simply have to buy a new PC. I don’t have the funds yet so I will just carry my laptop back to Batangas. It is way more practical than paying for the print outs at the computer or printing shops. I’d rather use our printer at home. And I’ll buy a new pc for them soon! I just hope to get extra assignments to earn more. Who knows, I might also get my family a new swivel chair with quality threaded stem casters along with the best computer table and accessories? Be positive!

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